Let food be thy medicine....and medicine be thy food..   Hippocrates 5th Century BC

We've all heard it this quote or seen it on Facebook, yet somewhere along the way we've lost the true understanding that we are exactly what we eat.  With busier lives, both parents working, kids exposed to a deluge of advertising it's sometimes so much easier to say yes than no.  As a result, unfortunately we're all now starting to pay the price, in particular our children.  With eczema, digestive disorders (in adults and children), behavioural issues, Autism, ADD / ADHD, anxiety and sensory processing issues, just to name a few, on the rise it's time we stopped and looked.

I chose to become a Naturopath because I know how important our diet and lifestyles are to our health, both mental and physical and I know with the right choices, diet and lifestyle plans you can reclaim your lives and give your kids the life they should have..  full of good health, tonnes of energy and the ability to concentrate at school.

They say, "the definition of insanity is repeating the same behaviours and expecting a different result" - Einstein...  he was a pretty intelligent bloke and the reality is he was spot on...  

If you're tired of not getting anywhere but you're not sure how to do it then I can help you choose to change and set a new path towards a better you.

About Me


After years of working in high pressured jobs requiring long hours, travelling all the time and feeling completely exhausted, I decided it was time for a change.  I'd always loved Natural Medicine and in the back of my mind it was an area I'd wanted to pursue so when I found myself pregnant with our first child and recently returned to Australia after a stint overseas with my husband I decided it was the perfect time to reinvent myself.  Oh and yes, if you're wondering... these two are mine.

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As a mum and a Naturopath I take a holistic approach to healing and encourage you to approach your health with the belief that prevention is better than cure. Maybe you need to find that work / life balance or perhaps it’s time you looked at your children’s health from a different perspective.  Whatever your motivation I’m here to help and support you in your quest for a better you.

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Kid’s Health


Let’s be honest, for those of us with kids they become our everything. We can’t remember a time without them, and even on those days when we’re just thinking 'Oh My God… who are these people?!' the joy they bring us outweighs all of that. It’s for this reason that I love working with kids and supporting families in bringing up healthy, happy children. 

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GAPS Practitioner

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As Adelaide's first GAPS Practitioner I have been excited to have the opportunity to bring this fantastic healing protocol to my patients.  This was developed by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride who was a Neurologist who understood there was a link between our gut health and many of the diseases we seem to suffer in the 21st century.  I have been privileged to work with a number of patients using the GAPS Diet and seen some great improvements in their health, this includes in my own family.

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and also promotes healing. If you’re feeling totally wiped out, stressed or just like you need some “time out” this is the treatment for you. I find my patients feel like they’ve had a deep, restful sleep after one of my treatments and they’re ready to go out and face the world head on.

Wellness Coach


Women juggle each day wearing a number of different hats...  mother, educator, business woman, chef, chauffeur, wife, counsellor... the list goes on.. Many of us get to the end of the day exhausted, emotionally drained and collapse into bed only to get up and do it all again.. If you've ever found yourself wondering how you got here... or more to the point... wanting to stop the world and just get off for awhile??  Wellness coaching will get you back on track and help you find your happiness and life balance once again.

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How can I help you?

I can help you in all areas of your life, be it:

• Autism Spectrum Disorders
• ADD / ADHD / Behavioural Concerns
• Children's health issues
• Poor digestion
• Detoxification
• Migraine
• General health and wellbeing

My aim is support you in your individual goals and needs to become a better you.


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