10 Keeping Slim Food Swaps

Whenever we think about keeping slim it’s all about what we can’t have not what we can so I think it’s about time we consider what we can replace with what.  Choose nutrient dense foods that provide your body with the best quality nutrition for the number of calories they contain.

Skip the rice and try some barley:

Replacing rice with barley not only gives you less calories per serve it also gives you a much higher dose of fibre and it also has a lower GI so you’ll feel full for longer.

Skip the Grapes and try the berries:

Berries provide half the calories and twice the fibre as well as much more vitamin C and folate..  plus berries are a high antioxidant food.

Skip the Couscous and try the Quinoa:

Quinoa is a gorgeous nutty flavoured seed which is high in fibre and low GI so is more nutritious than couscous and will keep you full for longer.

Skip the Potatoes and try the beans:

Serving up some beans instead of mashed potato will double your protein intake, boost your iron and magnesium and again, being low GI…

Skip the Soy and try the Chickpeas:

Chickpea snacks are lower in calories and higher in nutrition as well as being high in fibre, protein and iron.  Plus they’re less likely to come from a GM source as opposed to most soy products these days.

Skip the Commercial Pasta Sauce and try Crushed Tomatoes:

Commercially purchased tomato pasta sauces generally contain high levels of sugar and salt yet it’s cheaper and just as easy to get yourself a can of no salt added crushed tomatoes and add in some garlic and fresh herbs yourself and you’ll have yourself a great tasting sauce.

Skip Sweet Treats and try some Dried Fruits:

Sweet treats such as marshmallows may rate zero on the calorie register but they also rate zero on the nutritional register as well.  Replace the sweet treat with some dried fruit, you’ll still get your fix but you’ll also increase your fibre as well.

Skip the Sour Cream and try some Greek Yogurt:

Sour cream is generally much higher in fat and lower quality ones will also contain a number of thickeners and other additives as well. Get yourself a good quality natural Greek yogurt instead and you’ll not only be consuming less calories you’ll also be getting yourself some good probiotic bacteria at the same time.

Skip the Soft Drinks and try some Kombucha:

The buzz word of the hour..  fermented foods and drinks of which Kombucha is currently at the forefront.  The great thing is that not only can you get yourself a great tasting blend of Kombucha it’s also jam packed with good gut bacteria and as we’re discovering gut bacteria is linked to weight gain.

Skip the Milk Chocolate and try some Dark Chocolate:

The one thing most of us can’t resist is chocolate so rather than go without why don’t you switch to dark chocolate which is higher in antioxidants, can support a reduction in blood pressure and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Plus given it’s quite strong in flavour it means it’s actually more satisfying in smaller quantities.

So there you go…  some tips to help you change your choices not miss out completely.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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