Preparing for GAPS

For every patient I see that’s thinking of embarking on or really needs to embark on the GAPS Diet, one of the biggest hurdles seems to be the preparation phase.  We’re all different on how we like to approach things, I know myself between the time I had read about GAPS and the actual time […]

Eat right for your blood type

It’s funny how some people will do really well on a vegetarian diet and yoga and others need meat and intense exercise..  Whilst I’m a big believer in gut health and healing I’m also a big believer in listening to your body and understanding it’s needs. So here’s the low down: For Blood Type O: […]

Sauerkraut Juice

Problems with Eczema? Autism? Concentration in the kids? Auto-Immune conditions? IBS? Crohns? Constipation? Psoriasis? Heard about the importance of healthy gut bacteria but don’t like fermented food? Well this may just be the answer for you. I come from a Greek background so was brought up on a very Mediterranean, simple diet which did include […]