Autism and the “C” word

As many parents of children with Autism have done before me and many will continue to do after me I have read a number of articles, blogs and website promising the one thing most families are looking for. Brace yourself people I’m about to say the “C” word…  Promising a “CURE” yes I said it… cure!!

The thing is, I’m not just a mother of a child with Autism…  I’m also a practitioner who works with families who have children with Autism…  I work in an industry where we’re touted as “Charlatans” with unproven methods and treatments that don’t work, promise a “cure” (yes I said it again) and leave families heartbroken..

So..  here’s my perspective on the whole thing as both a parent and a practitioner…

My son has Autism, he was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years old.  He’s now 7 1/2 years old and we have terrible days, bad days, okay days, good days and awesome days..  Like a box of chocolate we never know what we’re gonna get and like Melbourne weather it changes throughout the day..

Over the years I’ve done so many therapies.. everything from ABA, Floortime, Speech Pathology, Psychology, Applied Kinesiology, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy and a more spiritual Kinesiology…  And of course the most recent has been the addition of The GAPS Diet..

For the patients I see, I tell them it’s hard work, every child is different and each child with Autism will reach their own potential, whatever that is, with the right blend of support, nutrition and therapies.. What I don’t promise them is a “cure”… why, because I don’t really think there is one.

My point here is this…  I don’t like the word cure…  is my son cured after everything I’ve done thus far and everything I continue to do….  no he isn’t…  is he a much better, in fact a more amazing version of the little boy that was diagnosed 5 years ago…. YES!!!

It’s not about cure…  don’t keep chasing the “C” word just focus on giving your child the opportunity to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be..  I think we all know that’s going to be vastly different from child to child…

Would my life be easier if my son didn’t have Autism…  Absolutely…

Would Zac be the kid he is without Autism….  Absolutely NOT….

Moreover, would Aaliyah be the kind, mature, thoughtful, patient big sister if her brother DIDN’T have Autism..  I don’t think so….

Even though the last few years have been hard and I can’t really see the next few years getting any easier…  I’m not looking for a cure..  that takes way too much energy..  maybe it’s time to forget the cure and focus on the end goal…the achievements, the improvements and each day being better than the last..

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.




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