Autism and the effects of processed foods

Hello everyone and happy new year… Well christmas and new year for us has been a blur of sleeping in, watching Netflix, presents, parties, catch ups and unfortunately a lapse on foods..  When we’re at home and it’s just us it’s easy to stay on track because the kids are so used to what we eat now it’s not a problem at all..  the issues come up when there’s catch ups at our place (around the pool), playdates for the kids and when we go out to functions and parties (which we seem to do a lot).


Initially we didn’t see much of a reaction, behaviour didn’t change noticeably but slowly, slowly little things started to happen and by the time you realise what’s going on it’s slapped you in the face like a wet fish and you don’t know which way to turn to fix it.

First he was a little argumentative, not a lot but just enough to be annoying…  then he was argumentative AND defiant..  this was happening more often and beginning to really push my buttons…  Then he was argumentative AND defiant AND screaming all the time… Well..  mummy started to lose it…

So what do you do when it starts to go wrong?? I get asked this a lot….  First you should congratulate yourself on all the hard work you’ve done so far then you’ll probably berate yourself for not sticking to your guns and letting things go..  once you’ve done all of that it’s time to start again.

Now before you panic I don’t mean go back to the beginning and do the Intro GAPS Diet again, I think there’d be a revolution in this house if I tried to implement it that strictly again….  but what I do mean is it’s time to regroup and get back to basics..

The reason I wanted to share this is because it’s not easy when you commit to something “different”..  it’s other people / family members who mean well and don’t understand that “one treat” IS a problem and WILL affect them, maybe not immediately but it will..  they mean well and think we’re to strict but we’re doing the best for our children / ourselves / our families….

Don’t beat yourself up when you do let things slide, just get back up and start again..

We’ll be taking out the foods that have been causing the issues, maybe passing on the next few celebrations that involve the kids and get those good, whole foods back into them.

The beauty is that because of all the hard work we’ve done before it won’t take long before things are back to normal and those behavioural issues calm down.  Fundamentally the healing that’s taken place has had a massive benefit to everything as far as Zac is concerned and even when things slide it’s easy to get back on track.

Don’t despair if things go wrong, pick yourself up and start where you left off, you’ll see things get back to normal pretty quickly.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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