Autism in retrospective – 1 to 2 years old

So here’s the second instalment of my retrospective series and this was the crucial year for us… it all started to come to a head and the whole “he’s just a boy” argument wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Although I don’t find it difficult to talk about this time anymore, I don’t like to do it around Zac.  As he’s grown older and developed he’s become quite sensitive and aware of himself and his behaviour and he does get upset if he hears how things used to be.

During this year was when things began to ramp up in behaviour, development wasn’t quite where it should be and his eating changed dramatically.

Let’s talk about what was starting to tell me that this wasn’t “normal” (I don’t really like that word anymore)…

  1.  He had an extremely high pain threshold, he could bang his head really hard or fall over and appear to hurt himself and then get up and continue with what he was doing as if nothing had happened.
  2. Routines started to creep in… for example I would shop at 3 different supermarkets and on the days I was able to take him with me there were certain things I would HAVE to buy (depending on which supermarket we were at) to keep him quiet through what was always a pretty quick trip.
  3. He wasn’t talking AT ALL!!
  4. He wasn’t walking or even trying to until he was around 16 months old (and until this point he’d been a crab crawler, he never crawled properly)
  5. Slowly but surely the fussy eating began to creep in and it happened so slowly I didn’t even see it coming until it was too late and his diet consisted of weetbix (can you believe it), home made yogurt, milk and home made apple puree (I think the only reason I emphasise the home made at this stage is because it makes me feel better to think I was trying to do something right)
  6. The screaming and meltdowns were happening more and more often (as in every single day) and I didn’t know how to stop them happening
  7. He became so hard to handle that leaving him with anyone for respite became out of the question

One of the biggest things that did start happening was that my anxiety began to heighten…  I would be stressed to the hilt every time I had to leave the house with him because I never knew how he would react.. and frankly, for those of you that have experienced it personally..  people can be quite cruel!!!

What I would say is at this point is my gut was telling me something wasn’t right and everyone else was saying it was all ok…  I knew I was right but at this stage I still really didn’t know where to look for answers…

So I’ll leave it there for now and in the 2 to 3 years old is where we had our horror Bali trip and got a diagnosis…. this is where things started to change!!

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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