Autism – The first flight since Bali!!

For those of you that don’t know the background I’ll elaborate slightly….  about 5 years ago and just before Zac was diagnosed with Autism (or PDD-NOS at the time), we decided as a family to go Bali..  what could possibly go wrong.

At this stage Brett and I were both at our wits end with what was going on with Zac, everything was falling apart and we were just hanging on by a thread waiting to see the two specialists at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital that were going to change our lives.. we hoped.

The flight to Bali was..  well… difficult to say the least…  Zac screamed the entire flight, he fought us and to top it off he scratched my face so badly it looked like I’d been in a cat fight..  All the time while Brett and I were wrestling him at the back of the plane, poor Aaliyah who was only 5 years old at the time was sat quietly drawing and reading..

Needless to say we were THAT family..  we made quite an impression on the rest of the plane (so much so that a gentleman recognised us a couple of days later in a shopping centre and said g’day..  well actually what he said was “Zac you at it again” because for something different during that trip Zac was having a meltdown)

At least one of the very kind stewards had a sense of humour as he put his arm around me and said “you know you can buy valium over the counter in Bali”..  and with a wink he walked away and left me with at least half a smile on my face…

So..  you can guess my hesitation on doing it all again..  this time at least we were better prepared…  iPads were purchased and loaded with movies and games and Zac was given headphones to wear.  On the first flight he sat next to me and said he was a little scared..  at least he was verbal this time… he grabbed my hand on take off and as the plane took off he squeezed it then after a bit he let go..  let out a very loud “that was awesome” and spent the rest of the time quietly playing on his iPad and eating..

Oh My God!!!

The reason I felt it important to share this was because over the years we have had many a set back in things we’ve tried with Zac..  sometimes it works and frankly sometimes it really doesn’t…  I’m glad I didn’t let the Bali trip stop me from flying with Zac again (even though it has taken 5 years) because we had a fantastic family holiday..

Each time we have a set back we chalk it up to experience and think maybe we can try again another time..

I know everyone’s situation is different and there are many of you out there in much more difficult circumstances than us but what I would say is don’t give up because when you do succeed the rewards far outweigh any previous failures you may have had.

Until next time

Stay calm and stay healthy



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