Autism – When everything isn’t enough

These last couple of weeks have been tougher than normal with Zac and for the life of me I can’t work out why. Usually I can put it down to illness, not taking his supplements, diet not being as strict as it usually is or bad days at school but at the moment I’ve got nothing.

He’s been difficult (more than normal), defiant, yelling at us all the time, won’t even entertain looking at my husband (his dad) let alone talking to him and he’s got such a short fuse that it’s impossible to deal with him most days.

He won’t talk about school and obviously doesn’t have the skill set to communicate what’s really wrong and everything is always someone elses fault.

It started to occur to me that maybe, FINALLY, this was NORMAL behaviour for a nearly 8 year old boy..  Is there a chance I’m reading too much into it because I spend so much time making sure everything is absolutely perfect for him?

Sometimes I think I might be expecting more from him than I would from a regular kid his age because he requires so much extra help and attention.  Hours each week go into therapies, preparing and giving his supplements, shopping for the right food, juicing, cooking, cooking and more cooking.

As you would know it’s much more labour intensive raising a child with Autism or any other disability so I’m thinking as a result of all this extra time and attention involved in raising him that the pay off should at least be he behaves and doesn’t drive me crazy.

Too much to ask you say…  I think you might be right.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still thinking of what else I can do or try just to make sure I’m not missing anything (can’t help myself), but at the end of the day..Kids will be kids and we’re all doing our best to raise them into the best version of themselves they can possibly be.

Is it always perfect, NO…  do we want perfection..  definitely NOT….  (think of the pressure of perfection everyday)… It’s not always easy raising children  and whether they’re “neurotypical” or not there’s going to be those times when they just push every button and in all honesty I’m pretty thankful when that’s all it is.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.




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