Eat right for your blood type

It’s funny how some people will do really well on a vegetarian diet and yoga and others need meat and intense exercise..  Whilst I’m a big believer in gut health and healing I’m also a big believer in listening to your body and understanding it’s needs. So here’s the low down: For Blood Type O: […]

Sauerkraut Juice

Problems with Eczema? Autism? Concentration in the kids? Auto-Immune conditions? IBS? Crohns? Constipation? Psoriasis? Heard about the importance of healthy gut bacteria but don’t like fermented food? Well this may just be the answer for you. I come from a Greek background so was brought up on a very Mediterranean, simple diet which did include […]

Autism and the effects of processed foods

Hello everyone and happy new year… Well christmas and new year for us has been a blur of sleeping in, watching Netflix, presents, parties, catch ups and unfortunately a lapse on foods..  When we’re at home and it’s just us it’s easy to stay on track because the kids are so used to what we […]