7 mood boosters to beat the blues

When I was living in London anxiety and depression were the main issues people seemed to be experiencing with signage on the tube pointing to St John’s Wort as the new “kid on the block” to support mood. Now lets be honest, living and commuting in London with the weather the way it was would […]

Lactose Intolerance

Some of you may remember “Blimpy the Lactose Intolerant Cat” who made appearances on the Martin and Molloy radio show (showing my age now!!)… it always used to make me laugh and of course when I realised I was lactose intolerant in my early 20’s “Blimpy” became my new nickname. In a nutshell lactose is […]

Glutathione for Inflammatory Disease

Glutathione (GSH) is a key antioxidant produced in the body required to support detoxification and the removal of toxins in the body.  Many of us don’t have enough GSH due to stress and inflammation in the body with oxidative stress being one driver of inflammation and hence depleting GSH. As a result it can lead to […]