Autism in retrospective – 1 to 2 years old

So here’s the second instalment of my retrospective series and this was the crucial year for us… it all started to come to a head and the whole “he’s just a boy” argument wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. Although I don’t find it difficult to talk about this time anymore, I don’t like to […]

GAPS and Juicing

For anyone who’s done or is doing the GAPS Diet, juicing is a big part of it once we reach Stage 4 of the Introduction Diet and it’s great way to naturally detoxify the body and remove heavy metals so it’s important to drink them on an empty stomach (I usually recommend mid morning and […]

Autism in retrospect – the first 12 months

It’s taken awhile for me to decide to do this but I’ve had a number of patients who are starting their journey into the unknown world of Autism who often ask me lots of questions, including the “how did you know” or “when did you know” there was something wrong or things weren’t quite right. […]