Bone Broth vs Meat Stock

Bone Broth

Today I thought I’d quickly cover off the difference between bone broth and meat stock (well what I consider is the difference between the two) because frankly, even I’m getting confused..

It seems to depend where on this earth you live for a start as to what you interpret as being a broth and a stock.  In the USA they tend to use the word broth for what we would call stock and some refer to broth as stock and stock as broth…  no wonder everyone’s confused..

So here goes, in the simplest way here’s how I do it…

Bone Broth is using bones only and generally I use fresh bones and ones that may have been previously cooked in a meat stock.  In my recipe you’ll find I don’t add veggies like a lot of other recipes do, the reason behind that is I generally use my bone broth in anything and everything I can so I don’t want it to have additional flavourings that way I can flavour it the way I want depending on how I’m using it.  The bone broth is always cooked for longer than a meat stock, I go for 48 hours on low in my slow cooker.

Above is a picture of one of my best bone broths ever, see how gelatinous it is..  that was a beef bone broth made in my slow cooker for 48 hours, it was delicious.

Meat stock comes in many forms it can be Beef Meat StockChicken Meat Stock or Fish Stock, or it can even be lamb, game meats or a combination of meats depending on what you’ve got in the fridge or freezer.  They tend to be a combination of bones and meat using cuts such as Osso Buco, chicken wings, legs or a whole chicken or with the fish I tend to get a snapper filleted by my local fish monger, keeping the bones, heads and fins and I use them for my stock.

The meat stocks are cooked for less time, on the stove it can range from 90 minutes for fish stock through to 4-6 hours for meat or chicken.  If I’m using the slow cooker I tend to only do chicken or meat stock in there and I go with 12 hours on low.

So, I trust this has cleared some of the confusion for you.

Until next time,

Stay calm and stay healthy.



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