Magnesium – are your kids getting enough

Magnesium is one of those essential minerals which plays a number of vital roles in the body.  With the Western Diet the way that it is currently it isn’t surprising to health practitioners such as myself that many of our kids are actually deficient. When considering if your child might require some additional magnesium consider […]

Gluten Free Pizza Base

What kid doesn’t like pizza??  I haven’t met one yet..  Buying Gluten Free Pizza bases is not only expensive, a lot of them do have a bit of a cardboard taste about them and the reality is the dough isn’t that hard to make. It’s a little bit more sticky making it slightly harder to […]

Preparing for GAPS

For every patient I see that’s thinking of embarking on or really needs to embark on the GAPS Diet, one of the biggest hurdles seems to be the preparation phase.  We’re all different on how we like to approach things, I know myself between the time I had read about GAPS and the actual time […]