GAPS Yogurt

Fermented dairy is a big part of the GAPS Diet and quite often even those who have had difficulty digesting dairy in the past will find they can tolerate the yogurt and whey made for the GAPS Diet.  The main difference between the GAPS yogurt and commercial yogurt is that it’s fermented for a minimum […]

GAPS and Juicing

For anyone who’s done or is doing the GAPS Diet, juicing is a big part of it once we reach Stage 4 of the Introduction Diet and it’s great way to naturally detoxify the body and remove heavy metals so it’s important to drink them on an empty stomach (I usually recommend mid morning and […]

Preparing for GAPS

For every patient I see that’s thinking of embarking on or really needs to embark on the GAPS Diet, one of the biggest hurdles seems to be the preparation phase.  We’re all different on how we like to approach things, I know myself between the time I had read about GAPS and the actual time […]