Staying well in winter

Are you the one getting sick whilst everyone around you seems to never anything more than a tickle in the throat.  Why is this the case?  Why do some people seem to have an iron constitution and others can be knocked over by a feather with everything that comes their way? If this is you, […]

Autism in Retrospective – 3-4 years old

So here we are, PDD-NOS diagnosis and no idea where to start.  We were set up with an appointment with Autism SA and given our report from the Women’s and Children’s Hospital that day.  One thing I haven’t mentioned thus far is for us we never hid the fact that we were having issues with […]

Autism in retrospective – 2 to 3 years old

Well as promised… this was the action packed year of family holiday to Bali, me reaching breaking point and Zac getting his first diagnosis of PDD-NOS (they don’t use this anymore thank goodness). By now meltdowns would happen multiple times daily..  playdates were out of the question after he had a bit of a disagreement […]