Eat right for your blood type

It’s funny how some people will do really well on a vegetarian diet and yoga and others need meat and intense exercise..  Whilst I’m a big believer in gut health and healing I’m also a big believer in listening to your body and understanding it’s needs. So here’s the low down:

For Blood Type O:

O is a strong blood type and which requires lots of physical activity to prevent a sluggish metabolism and sluggish circulation.  This blood type is the typical hunter gatherer type and requires a diet with daily helpings of animal protein and should avoid the temptation for vegetarianism.  Those that try to maintain a vegetarian diet will find themselves constantly hungry and looking for carbohydrates to compensate and maintain blood sugar levels.  Foods to eliminate generally include dairy and eggs.

For Blood Type A:

Unlike O’s who were considered to be nomadic hunters and cave dwellers, type A’s developed more during farming times and lifestyle changes which in turn meant nutritional requirements changed. It’s similar to today’s lifestyle which sees more of us sitting at desks all day, it generally means we don’t need large protein based meals to keep us going compared to those working in more physically demanding occupations. The best diet for these guys is a vegetarian based diet with lots of leafy greens, tofu, rice, quinoa, spelt and amaranth and exercise such as yoga, tai chi will work better than more rigorous activities. Foods to eliminate are dairy and whole wheat products.

For Blood Type B:

These are more of an everything in moderation type of people who require a balance between O & A and when they’re in a balanced state of health this works a treat but if they’re not, they’ll either react like an O who has been deprived of protein and is lethargic and fatigued or an A who ends up with excessive mucus production.  They can tolerate moderate amounts of dairy but whole wheat can be a problem and they’ll do well with moderate exercise such as walking, swimming, yoga or jogging.

For Blood Type AB:

The AB type when in a balanced state of health have quite a strong capacity to produce antibodies against infection and are less prone to allergic conditions and auto-immune conditions.  They work best with a diet higher in vegetables but do require a modest amount of animal protein.  Dairy should still be avoided as should whole wheat products and they need a balance between high intensity exercise and the more calming types.

So there you go, that’s a brief lowdown on the right foods for your blood type.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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