GAPS and Juicing

For anyone who’s done or is doing the GAPS Diet, juicing is a big part of it once we reach Stage 4 of the Introduction Diet and it’s great way to naturally detoxify the body and remove heavy metals so it’s important to drink them on an empty stomach (I usually recommend mid morning and mid afternoon – here’s my instructions around juicing:

Juicing Introduction Stage 4

To make it palatable I recommend (as you’ll see in my instructions) a 50:50 blend of therapeutic:tasty ingredients otherwise it’ll be hard to stomach and for kids it will be even more difficult to get it into them.

So the other day was juicing mania in our house..  I tend to juice in bulk, blend and freeze immediately so I don’t have to make fresh juice everyday and more importantly I don’t have to clean the juicer every day so here’s how that went.

Firstly..  the fruits and vegetables:

I juice all of this separately and place in bottles ready for blending at the end. I keep bottles and jars from everything (in particular I find the 1litre, Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar glass bottles brilliant for freezing in) and then I mix into those.

The key when freezing in glass is to leave a large enough gap for expansion, as you can see from the image below I’ve left a fair gap to make sure the bottle doesn’t crack in the freezer.

This probably equates to around 800-850ml in the bottle so in this particular case the blend was as follows:

Spinach / Kale / Cabbage (all the greens) – 150ml

Beetroot – 150ml (this is more than is suggested because beetroot is strong but we’ve been doing this for a couple of years now so our bodies are used to it – you can start with less if you’re new to juicing)

Carrot – 150ml

Apple – 400ml (this is the tasty part, this time I only had apples available so that’s what I used but you can add in other fruits as well if you have them)

So now they’re all juiced and blended it’s time to make room in the freezer..  As you can see nice sized gap left in each bottle and where I had leftover juice from the carrot and beetroot I labelled and froze those as well so that I can use them the next round.

If it’s getting hard to get the kids to drink the juice here’s how I can always get it into mine..  Rocket Ice Blocks have become the “dessert” of choice.

I hope you’ve found this useful.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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