GAPS Remedies and Tips for Eczema

Eczema is one of the reasons many people may choose to do the GAPS Diet and I think many of us are becoming more and more aware of the fact the Eczema is one of those things that comes directly from the gut and the food we eat..

Here I’ve got a few tips and ideas you can implement that are GAPS friendly and completely natural to more help soothe the skin as flare ups occur.  If you’re doing the GAPS diet or have done it in the past for skin conditions you will know that sometimes you get quite significant flare ups as the healing is occurring so it’s important to work through these the best you can.

The first rule of thumb when doing the GAPS Diet is you shouldn’t put anything on the skin you can’t eat so probably the best place to look for many of your soothing options is going to be your pantry.


Depending on whats happening with your skin at the time here’s 3 options you can try separately (and then maybe together as well) to see which of them you find the most soothing.

  • 1/2 cup Bicarb Soda
  • 5 tablespoons seaweed powder
  • Gluten Free Rolled Oats placed in an old knee high stocking

I generally put all three in the bath and in particular I use the oats to not only make the bath nice and milky I also use it instead of body wash and it works a treat and your skin feels really soft.

Moisturising options – for more severe patches of eczema:

  • Mashed ripe avocado (you can add a probiotic capsule to this as well)
  • Home made yogurt or kefir
  • Cold pressed oil (nut / coconut / Olive)

Additionally I encourage patients to get the beach as often as they can, the sun / sea will do wonders for the skin.

So that’s it, a couple of basics that are GAPS friendly, everyones got them in the house somewhere and they’re so easy to incorporate.

Until next time, stay calm and stay health.



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