GAPS – The Second Week

I’m writing this today feeling slightly uneasy… why??? I hear you ask…  well..  we’re now into Day 15 of the diet (so I’ve plenty to fill you in on) and my house is calm…  quiet…  the children are agreeable, kind, thoughtful, peaceful..  I’d go as far as to say…  completely calm……….

So what’s going on??

Let’s go back to day 4 of the diet..

By this stage we’d actually started on Stage 3 of the diet with the introduction of Nut Pancakes…  this was the afternoon tea I was dreading to present…  Not quite the fluffy pancakes they were used to that’s for sure.

To my shock, served with honey and cinnamon Zac thought they were the best pancakes he’d ever eaten!!!!  OMG!!!!  it’s amazing what kids will eat when all they’ve had is soup, stews and broths…  they were so sick of the same food I think they would’ve eaten raw broccolli if I’d presented it.

Stage 3 lasted a few days, things seemed to be going well, then the weekend hNut Bread GAPS 6it and Zac became a small Jeckyl and Hyde.. one minute he was happy and laughing.. the next minute he was screaming and crying…  ding ding…”die off” round two!!! I think die off won…

So after that hellish weekend things calmed down, the pancakes were losing their appeal so it was time to look at how everyone was travelling and could we possibly move to Stage 4..

This saw the introduction of the yummy “Nut Bread” which I made a savoury and sweet version of..  The savoury version was surprisingly more popular (might’ve been the herbs and tomato paste giving it that slight “pizza” flavour that they liked) and Zac was telling anyone who would listen how awesome the bread was….

During this time we also had a massive win with Zac deciding he LOVES Scrambled eggs..  in fact eggs have become so popular in our house I’ve been through 8 dozen eggs in less than a week…  Might be time to get some chooks!!!

So day 15 see’s us starting Stage 5 (I suspect we may swing between 4 & 5 for awhile) but everyone is feeling calm and energetic and there’s been no die off symptoms for the past few days which is awesome.

Aaliyah is cooking breakfast for us most mornings (she’s 9…), she’s calm, happy and focussed, Zac was doing his homework last night and usually we’d struggle to get him to write one line, he completed about 4 sentences with little help and a huge amount of enthusiasm never seen for homework before.

So before I sign off I say this to those who have judged, laughed or thought diet doesn’t relate to learning and behaviour… My family and many out there are living proof that things can change.

Four years ago my son was diagnosed with Autism and I thought my life had ended as I knew it..  he was aggressive, unresponsive, non verbal and frankly very strong for a child his age.  I lived with a fear in the back of my mind..  what happens when he’s too strong for me…   How will I protect my daughter and myself when he loses it…

Today Zac goes to mainstream school with his sister and is a polite, charismatic, charming and quite hilarious kid who on the surface shows no signs of Autism at all.  I truly believe anything is possible and with what we’ve been through over the years I encourage all of you not to give up.

Until the next instalment

Stay calm and stay healthy




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