GAPS – The Stop Snoring Side Effect

I now have the best news EVER….  never in a million years did I think this would happen but it has and it’s saved my sanity and frankly stopped me killing my husband…lol…

We’ve now been doing the GAPS Diet for nearly 10 months, it’s going really well…  seriously..  just don’t ask the kids how it’s going…

In the last week a couple of things happened which made me stop and think about some of the bi-products which have occurred as a result of doing GAPS.

The one I’m focussing on today is my husband no longer snores!!!!!!

Yes you read it correctly, he doesn’t snore anymore…  I think it’s a combination of the weight loss, the progression of gut healing as we continue the GAPS Diet and also the elimination of some of the foods which were clearly making the situation worse..

Whilst I think I was aware the snoring had stopped (I had heaps more energy and wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night thinking a freight train was going through our bedroom)…  It wasn’t until we were in a situation where we were out unexpectedly at a friends place and they ordered pizza..  Not wanting to be “that annoying friend that noone can feed”..  we had a couple of pieces, it was also going to be interesting on how we reacted…

That night the train was back… and I think it brought a friend…  OMG….

The next day both of us felt like death, all clogged up, my head was pounding..  talk about a reaction..  so if we weren’t sure before if it was working we certainly were now…

So all I can say is thank you GAPS for giving me my sleep back, who would’ve thought gut health and snoring were linked…  guess it goes back to the old Naturopathic Philosophy of “heal the gut first”.

Until next time, stay healthy and stay calm..  oh and sleep well, I know I will be.



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