GAPS – What happens when you cheat?

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about GAPS and really it was because I thought it’d become boring..  things were plodding along nicely, the weekly poll was going well..  that’s when I ask the following questions:

Who thinks this diet is making them feel better?

Hands go up!!

Who thinks this diet is helping their behaviour?

Hands go up!!

Who hate’s this diet?

Only Aaliyah’s hand goes up (mine half goes up, think all the cooking is getting to me).. I ask Zac if he likes it to which he responds.. yeah it’s ok!!! (WINNING!!!)

So here’s where things went a little south…

Aaliyah’s 10th Birthday was coming up in August so I knew it was going to be difficult to be completely strict during this time.. so I chose to let the kids have a couple of “cheats” that week..  there were two reasons for this..  firstly it’s her birthday and I did feel bad not letting her enjoy it..  secondly, I was interested to find out what, if any reaction there might be…

So for the birthday week there was the cake on birthday night, the party on Saturday and then Zac was invited to a birthday on Sunday so I let him go and let him eat…  The following week was a DISASTER!!!! He was an absolute nightmare with his behaviour..  there was screaming, tantruming, meltdowns..  the works….

This lasted for a whole week…. so what did we learn??

Once Zac’s behaviour had calmed down we discussed the week that had been and agreed that cheating was not a good idea…  clearly at this stage he still can’t deviate from the diet, and perhaps never will be able to.

For me this was a great opportunity to be reminded that this is actually working and it’s all worth it..  We were getting to the point where things were going well so we started to expect the behaviour would be good, we were expecting things at school to be going well and him to do his homework, concentrate and be able to keep up..  It became our new “normal”…

As a result of the cheats it gave me a couple of things….   I was reminded of how far we’d come in such a short period of time…  and more importantly I was reinvigorated about the whole process because if I’m honest, I was getting tired of all the cooking, the hours in the kitchen and trying to come up with new and creative meal plans and lunch boxes..  So if nothing else I KNOW I’m doing the right thing.

So if you’re like I was and getting a little tired of the process or are starting to question if what you’re doing is worth it, remember what things were like before or if you’re really brave..  see what happens when you stop…

Until next time,

Stay calm and stay healthy




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