Glutathione for Inflammatory Disease

Glutathione (GSH) is a key antioxidant produced in the body required to support detoxification and the removal of toxins in the body.  Many of us don’t have enough GSH due to stress and inflammation in the body with oxidative stress being one driver of inflammation and hence depleting GSH.

Glutatione for inflammation and inflammatory disease

As a result it can lead to chronic intestinal inflammation which then becomes a cycle of inflammation, impaired gut barrier function, more systemic inflammation stress which ultimately leads to poor health.

So this is why we need to boost GSH when dealing with inflammatory conditions. GSH can be supplemented, my preference is to use N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) which is

a precursor in the production of GSH.  This will in turn reduce inflammation, alleviate oxidative stress and repair the damage in the intestine.

Neurological health, including conditions such as depression, bipolar, anxiety, cognitive decline and schizophrenia are also associated with inflammation, oxidative stress and toxicity.  By increasing GSH it will reduce inflammation and possibly benefit the symptoms.

So there’s a variety of factors to incorporate when reducing inflammation in the body and as great as GSH is you can’t expect it to do the job alone.

Dietary factors are just as important as supplements so change your diet to include lots of vegetables, in particular your greens, eat a couple of pieces of fruit each day, add eggs into the diet and of course Turmeric and Ginger are great anti-inflammatory foods. Get rid of the processed, high sugar, high carbohydrate foods and you’ll be sure to have success in reducing inflammation in the body.

Like anything, it’s good to know there’s supplement support available but nothing will beat a healthy diet.  Use every option at your disposal when it comes to maintaining your health and of course, a good health practitioner can make light of what can be very hard work trawling through the plethora of information found online.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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