Is your child starving?

Now here’s a ridiculous question in our Western Society with access to an abundance of food…  or is it??

Are our kids well fed and starving?

Okay, I haven’t lost it in case that’s what you’re thinking but here’s the thing…  Our kids have limitless access to food but most of the food they’re accessing is empty calories and deficient of all nutrients so whilst they’re filling their bellies it’s what they’re filling them with that’s the problem.

Despite our kids consuming sufficient (or sometimes excessive) calories their body’s are being starved of essential nutrients required for optimal health and wellbeing.  Let me put it another way..  the burger and chips your kids ate for dinner last night may have filled their tummies but nutritionally they did zip!!

The fact of the matter is our kids need essential nutrients to grow and for brain development in the form of fresh fruit, vegetables, good quality protein and good quality essential fatty acids.  What they’re getting is highly processed, packaged foods, lots of sugar and salt, little to no nutrients and rancid fats which is totalling children with learning difficulties, developmental delays, obesity, skin  conditions, recurrent illnesses, behavioural issues, anxiety and the list continues.

For example, a child with poor vitamin B12 status is more likely to have difficulties solving puzzles, recognising letters and interpreting other children’s feelings at age 5 whilst a child with insufficient zinc (resulting in high copper) may experience symptoms associated with ADHD resulting in misdiagnosis and possibly medication.

The good news is it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to your children’s nutrition and you can do something about it.

Firstly look at your child’s diet and what it is they’re consuming daily.  Is their lunch box filled with packaged and processed food? Is your pantry full of processed food?  If you’re answering yes to these questions don’t beat yourself up because there’s always opportunities to change what we’re doing.

If you’re not confident of how to go about making the appropriate changes then get advice.  A qualified health practitioner can provide you with a healthy diet plan for your child adding in nutritional supplementation (if required) which is suitable to them.

The main thing to remember is it’s never too late to start feeding your kids tasty and nutritional foods.  It’s not always going to be easy but the hardest part will be getting started and making those changes, once they become a part of your life you’ll never look back.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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