Preparing for GAPS

For every patient I see that’s thinking of embarking on or really needs to embark on the GAPS Diet, one of the biggest hurdles seems to be the preparation phase.  We’re all different on how we like to approach things, I know myself between the time I had read about GAPS and the actual time where we bit the bullet and did it probably 3 years passed by.

In that time I was moving the family towards GAPS, eliminating foods, introducing other foods but at the end of the day, to finally make the decision did take some time and frankly that’s ok.

Here’s some options on how you can approach your GAPS journey and I often discuss these with my patients as everyone is at a different place in their lives.

The first approach is – the get prepared over a few months and start in the holidays approach…

This works for the family feeling overwhelmed with making significant changes to the diet.  Those are the ones who may have a large amount of processed food in the pantry and have very resistant family members.

The first thing this family needs to do is have a family meeting to discuss the future changes that are going to happen.  Getting “buy in” will make life much easier.  Start by slowly replacing sugary foods with raw honey / dried fruit / and more “wholesome”, real food recipes.

Then don’t replace processed foods and grains as they run out and start investigating The Full GAPS diet, incorporating some of those types of meals into the daily routine (things such as meat stocks / soups / stews / casseroles can be added into the weekly menu).  This gets the family used to the type of food they’re going to be eating and allows their palates to slowly change.

And before you finally get started make sure you work out where you’re going to source your ingredients from, attend a fermenting class if you’re planning on making ferments and get those started so when you get going everything’s ready.

Finally set a start date..  if you have kids at school then I recommend the holidays where you have them at home for at least two weeks.  Plan nothing for during this time because frankly no one will be feeling like doing anything anyway.

The second approach is – we’re pretty much already there so let’s get going as soon as we can approach….

This is where you pretty much decide you’re going to do it, you give yourself about 3-4 weeks to get your ferments going, source your suppliers and word up the family.  When leading up to the actual day it’s good to start introducing the GAPS Meals 2-3 times per week so you can start getting used to making and eating them.

The third approach is – the I’m starting this weekend approach…

The families I find who are at this point are those that have tried everything else, had every test under the sun, have already read the book and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired…  In this case you pretty much clear out the cupboards, get your ferments started and source as you go..

Wherever you sit isn’t really important, what’s important is setting the plan that suits you and sticking to it.  One of the biggest things that holds patients back is the fear of how difficult they perceive the change to be and whilst I don’t disagree it is pretty hard, in my experience it’s a lot harder and a hecka of a lot more expensive to be sick.

So if you’ve been sitting on the fence and you’re not sure what to do, talk to someone who knows what they’re doing and who’s done it themselves.  Get the right advice from the start and do it, you never know, you just might feel better.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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