These simple fact sheets will help you with the GAPS basics.

Sensitivity Testing Use this process when you’re not sure if you’re going to react to certain foods, for example if your not sure how you’re body will go on introducing eggs then use this procedure before you try eating them.

Introducing Dairy – This method of introducing dairy is mainly for those patients who have previously shown allergy to dairy using the sensitivity test or to those who are going to start at Full GAPS stage as opposed to the introduction diet.Home made yogurt

Probiotics and Probiotic Food – Get them from a range of sources including food and a good quality capsule or powder which should have a large variety of different bacteria in them.

Stools – Pooping is a huge indicator of what’s going on inside you’re body so don’t be shy, check your poop and get familiar with your body.

ABA for Fussy Eaters – Fussy eating in kids is one of the hardest things to deal with but once you break that behaviour you won’t believe the improvement in health, behaviour, concentration and development because you’ll be feeding their bodies the RIGHT food.

Foods Allowed on Stage 1 Introduction Diet – This is a simple list to help you get started on Stage 1 of the GAPS Introduction diet

Foods Allowed on Stage 2 Introduction Diet – Well done, you made it through Stage 1, here’s stage 2.

Foods Allowed on Stage 3 Introduction Diet – When you hit this stage things are starting to look up from a variety and progress point of view, you’re nearly over the the hardest part

Foods Allowed on Stage 4 Introduction Diet – I remember when we hit stage 4 of the Introduction Diet..  it was like hearing Angels sing I tell you, finally some solid food you could really get your teeth into.

Foods Allowed on Stage 5 Introduction Diet – From here it really does feel like you’ve almost made it, the variety now is pretty great and really there’s not too much more to go before you can head into the Full GAPS Diet.

Foods Allowed on Stage 6 Introduction Diet – Congratulations, you’ve made it through the hardest part of the GAPS Diet.  Once you’ve mastered Stage 6 and you’re into The Full GAPS Diet it’s much more manageable and will integrate a lot easier into your day to day life.

Foods Allowed on Full GAPS – coming soon

Foods Not Allowed on GAPS – coming soon