Staying well in winter

Are you the one getting sick whilst everyone around you seems to never anything more than a tickle in the throat.  Why is this the case?  Why do some people seem to have an iron constitution and others can be knocked over by a feather with everything that comes their way?

If this is you, what can you do about it..  here’s a few things that might help.

Live in the Family Zone:

Families that live together, support eachother, laugh together and cry together are often the happiest and whilst I know family can drive us all crazy, that sense of security and belonging can really keep us strong and healthy.

Choose fats wisely:

Processed foods, takeaway foods and even dining out means we quite often don’t know how our food has been prepared and what it is we’re actually eating.  Many foods are prepared with oxidised, poor quality oils and fats which oxidise in our body’s and can increase the bad (LDL) cholesterol in the body.  Stick with the good quality fats and oils such as Olive oil, nut oils, avocado’s and coconut oils and you will notice the difference.

Chicken soup for the soul:

It’s always the soup that mum used to make whenever we were ill and I’ve got to say, home made chicken stock and home made chicken soup is the best plus it contains anti-inflammatory and gut healing properties which will support and boost the immune system.

Embrace bacteria:

Forget such stringent hygiene and start getting a little bit down and dirty.  Gut health is key to a healthy immune system so get your probiotics and probiotic foods going and remember the catch phrase “a little bit of dirt won’t hurt them”.

Prioritise your friends:

We’re all too busy these days to actually live!!  Seriously, what happened there?  I find everyone is so busy they’ve forgotten how to just live, laugh and enjoy their lives and frankly people, before you know it we’ll be at the end of it and you’ll wonder what you were so busy actually doing.  Take time out to see friends, laugh, talk, spend time together.. it’s the best medicine sometimes.

Add in some garlic:

Yes it might make things a little stinky but the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of garlic will definitely keep the bugs away. It’ll also help to reduce inflammation in the body and decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.

Take Vitamin C:

We all know this is a very powerful anti oxidant so a little bit of additional vitamin C will keep you healthy throughout winter.

Reduce Stress:

I really do think this is the biggest killer these days and most of us are suffering from chronic or constant stress.  Over long periods of time it will cause problems for heart and blood vessels, hypertension, level of stress hormones will increase plus you’ve then got the damage it does to our gut health which then effects our immune system and mental health.  Take time out and you might rest yourself healthy.

The main thing I’ve noticed over the past 5-10 years is how fast our lives have become.  Technology has really developed in such a short period of time and the push of social media has put so much pressure on us to have the “perfect” lives.  This is increasing our stress levels in particular as well as making our lives so much busier.  Years ago you’d finish work, leave the office and it would be done until the next day but now we’re working longer, emails are on our phones, we’re instagraming everything we eat and everywhere we go…  Where does the pressure end?

If you really want to make some changes, switch off the phone, stop checking Facebook and Instagram every 5 minutes and reconnect with life..  it’ll be over before you know it.

Until next time, stay calm and stay healthy.



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