SONY DSCHello all and welcome to my blog.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sonia Tzerefos and I’m a Naturopath, Western Herbalist, Health and Wellness strategist and most importantly a mum of two pretty awesome kids.  Working in the Health and Wellness industry has been something I’ve been passionate about for years, in particular I love working with kids health, be it recurring illnesses, poor digestion, dietary issues, Autism Spectrum Disorders or anything else.

As far as Autism goes it’s a subject pretty close to my heart.. my son who is now 6 has Autism and we’ve definitely been to hell and back with him I can tell you. I swear that kid was hard even in utero… he never sat still in there, always kicking and wriggling and punching.. I thought he was in a big hurry to get out but as it turned out he wasn’t given I was in labour for about 3 days… this is where I first met the young man who was going to teach me that he is a child who will do it his way in his own time and on his own terms… AWESOME!!! (insert sarcastic tone here)

For those of you who have children on the spectrum or children who have proven to be a much bigger handful than what you expected you’ll understand there are days when you just can’t see how you’re going to get through. Trust me I totally understand.  I look back now and just don’t know how I did it without falling apart and rocking in a corner (ok.. somedays I did fall apart and rock in a corner let’s be honest).

I’ve been through it and I know how hard it is and how it can really beat you down.. whether your kids are on the spectrum, have difficulty concentrating, or are always ill, their moods and behaviour often dictate our lives and the dynamics of our families.. There are ways of changing all of this which will make for a happier child and a happier you.. will it be easy, probably not BUT will it be rewarding.. ABSOLUTELY!!!

Thanks for catching up with me, I’ll speak to you next week, until then stay calm and stay healthy.


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