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Wellness is a body, mind and spirit concept where we feel balanced in all areas of our life...  hands up if you feel like that???  Yep, just as I thought, not to many takers.  These days I liken many of us to ducks..  all calm above the water and paddling like crazy below the surface just to stay afloat..  The question is, haven't you had enough of this way of living by now?

Over the last few years I've had my fair of challenges thrown my way lets say.. before I had kids I was living it up in London working in Sales for and Event Production company, travelling the world with not a care in the world.  I spent a year backpacking around the world with my gorgeous husband and then finally returned home to start a family..  The one thing I didn't see coming was how difficult the transition from jet-setting to mothering was going to be..  I also didn't realise how much of my identity had been tied in with what I did for a living...

Many new mums experience it...  the only conversation we seem to have available to us is feeding, lack of sleep and what different coloured baby poo means...  most of us go from feeling powerful, in control and respected to housebound, sleep deprived crazy women who forget to shower, go out with shoes that don't match and vomit all over our clothes, no make up and a massive set of Louis Vitton luggage under our eyes...  yes you out there...  you know what I'm talking about...

When this all happened to me I had no idea what hit me...  my true sense of self was lost and I had no idea who I was anymore..

In this situation it's very easy to lose confidence and lose your way and if you don't acknowledge it's happening then before you know it you've become someone you don't even recognise anymore...

Even if this isn't you..  and it may not be..  there's many times in our lives when things change, we're at a cross road and decisions need to be made.  Alternatively it may just be that you wake up one day and realise things aren't what you thought they were going to be and you don't want to live another minute below your maximum potential.

Wellness coaching will get you back to "a better you" and to a you that you're more in touch with...  so now is the time to act...  what are you waiting for.

Some exercises to get you started

"You're either green and growing or ripe and rotting"



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